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Kish Free Zone Organization

Kish Free Zone operations and affairs are managed by an organization whose responsibilities have been defined and approved by the Supreme Council of Free Trade- Industrial Zones. The fundamental objectives of the organization are conducting the needed infrastructural works in the Island, helping to constructive development, improving economic development, generating helpful job opportunities, attracting both internal and international investments, setting both employment and commodity markets, facilitating active presence in the world market in order to develop non-petroleum exports, arranging condition for producing industrial products, launching processing industries and finally taking advantage of Kish Free Island special opportunities including general assembly, board of the directors, managing director, chairman of board of the directors and legal inspectors. The General Assembly sets the outline targets of the zone including issuing approval for foundation or dissolution of companies and their affiliated organizations, compiling and revising statutes, supervising the organization’s performance, appointing or dismissing members of boards of the directors and managing director and also setting the condition (value and method) for taking tolls from individuals and institutes and any kind of operation which is carried out in the Kish Island. Kish Free Zone is managed by a board of directors consisting of three or five members. The board of directors holds all powers, defined by the law addressing how to manage trade-industrial free zone, necessary for conducting commitments set by the statute. The most important commitments are setting the operation technique, concluding contracts, setting the condition to take tolls, setting the procedure to register companies and their industrial and intellectual properties, ships and airplanes (without making patents/monopolies). The board of directors also involves with determining land uses in the Free Zone, using, selling or transferring national resources according to the law and executive bylaws approved by the general assembly. Managing director of the Free Zone Organization who also is the chairman of BD is appointed among the members of BD by the President of IRI. His/her tenure is three years which can be extended for further three-year courses. The managing director is completely authorized to apply BD’s approvals and also to act as the representative of the Organization against the third parties. He/she ensures that good practices are maintained in the Free Zone and protects all rights and properties of the Organization.



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Kish Investment & Development Co.

Kish Investment and Development Company has been established in the region to achieve the following aims and purposes: attracting local and foreign investments with the aim of creating economic growth and development, enhancing public income, creating generative and competitive employment, regulating labor and goods market, maintaining dynamic presence in regional markets, and providing public services. Major activities include: Collaborating with local and foreign investors belonging to private sector on developmental, service and commercial projects with the aim of supporting and encouraging the investments of private sector on Kish Island; Transferring the properties of Kish free zone organization (K.F.Z.O); Constructing residential, service, and administrative complexes on the Island; Importing and exporting all the permissible goods within the framework of K.F.Z.O regulations; Selling residential, administrative, service and commercial units.




Iranian Privatization Organization

The Privatization Organization has been incorporated based on Article 15 of the 3rd Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is confirmed to be effective in Article (9) of the 4th Social and Cultural Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran -ratified in 2004-. The new Articles of Association of Privatization Organization –based on the "Law on Implementation of General Policies of Article (44) of the Constitution" – was ratified by Council of Ministers in 2009.
This Organization has practically commenced its activities with the new objectives and tasks –based on the "Law on Implementation of General Policies of Article (44) of the Constitution"- since 2008. The Privatization Organization is a governmental company affiliated to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, having legal entity and financial independence. The president of IPO and the head of its Executive Board is the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance.
Since 2000 by now, the secretariat of the Divesting Board is located in Privatization Organization and based on the Law, the IPO is considered as the secretariat of the mentioned Board.


Securities & Exchange Organization

The SEO strives to be a dynamic, vigorous and effective authority to supervise and regulate the capital market with the aim of achieving a fair, just, efficient, orderly and regularized market through benefiting from advanced instruments, entities and financial markets.

SEO mission:
Protect and safeguard investors’ rights
Organize, maintain and develop fair, transparent, and efficient securities markets
Supervise the performance of local security markets


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After the announcement of Science and Technology policies by the Excellency Ayatollah Khameneyi on 1393, The World forum for proximity of islamic schools of thought decided to establish the science and technology development Secretariat of islamic countries, with due attention to this public assignment and citation to 79 article of islamic republic of Iran,s sixth development program, in order to reach the convergent in the field of science and technology and sharing the abilities and native knowledge of Islamic countries, in addition to achieving the religious unification spread in Islamic world, this assembly intends to improve the level of science and technology fields, occasions between islamic countries, the philosophy of science and technology development Secretariat of Islamic countries formation is based on infrastructure for deepening the economical occasions between islamic ountries by means of penetration of knowledge based economy among these countries and obtaining methods for interaction in the field of Science and technology is illustrated in order to achieve this important affair. The scienc and technology development secretariat of islamic countries is intended to use the tools of network construction and identifying the abilities of private service divisions and active organization in technology trade fields, defining the proper and proportional relations in network, and in conclusion create the synergy between these compounds so that hile creating the value for the audience society, create communal between groups benefits and various individuals all around the Islamic world, science and technology development secretariat of islamic countries is ready to interact with all the administrative organizations of technology and active private divisions in islamic countries and believes that govermental divisions, Science and technology Parks, Science and Technology committees, Growth centers and other centers can play a facilitating part in adjusting these intercourses

Secretariats aims and missions

Producing capital equal to potential capacities, population and geographical expanse of Islamic countries Creating markets and financial – commercial mechanisms based on nation and economy, Culture, Manners, and islamic traditions coordinates.Returning to the ruling spirit on eminent islamic notions and unification around communal and the objective of it in the form of common islamic markets estabishing a signle window for islamic countries commerce and technology. Aiding to boost the unification and solidarity of islamic countries by empowering and durability in the field of knowledge based economy




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Investment and Economic Development Committee is utterly non beneficial and will not perform any sort of economic and financial activities and will be a center for developing economical activities on international and national levels and attracting foreign and local investors with the aim of developing country’s private sectors’ activities and implementing various project, especially infrastructural project. The main missions of this committee is facilitating and expediting the investment procedure and developing economical activities in the private sector of Iran, and creating a secure communicative atmosphere without intermediates’ interference among local economic activists and international companies.




Iranian Venture Capital Association

Iranian Venture Capital Association, IRVC, is a non-governmental organization representing Iran’s venture capital and angel investor sectors, as well as accelerators and science & technology funding organizations. More than 80% of Iranian VCs and accelerators are IRVC members.
Working closely with policymakers and regulators, we speak on behalf of our members and play a constructive part in developing legislation that will shape the future of finance and investment in Iran.
Our goal in to create a network of active financing institutions, VCs and entrepreneurs in Iran and promote professional investment in startups and new technology based firms.


sazman mdirait


The Management and Planning Organization of Iran (MPO) is one of the largest governmental establishments in Iran. It is fully responsible for preparing the country's budget and Statistical Center of Iran was a part of MPO. Formerly known as the Plan and Budget Organization (PBO), the MPO has a variety of goals and duties, including the evaluation of the country's resources, the preparation of its medium and long term development plans and policies, the preparation of annual budgets, and the monitoring and evaluation of work done under the implemented plans.    




Iran Cultural Heritage Handcrafts and Tourism Org.

Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization is an educational and research institution overseeing numerous associated museum complexes throughout Iran. It is administered and funded by the Government of Iran.
It was established in 1985 by legislation from the Majlis merging 11 research and cultural organizations.
It publishes and oversees the publication of many journals and books, and carries out projects in conjunction with foreign museums and academia




Sharif University 

Kish Nonprofit-Nongovernmental Higher Education Institute was established on Kish Island in 1995 with an official permit from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) and SUT was entrusted with its management in 2004. The policy of increasing the number of international programs aiming to attract international students led to launching joint programs with Monash University in Australia and Multimedia University (MMU) in Malaysia. Following the official transfer of Kish University to SUT in 2009, the education and research activity of SUT-International Campus aiming to develop higher education in Iran continued. Admission to the Campus can be made either by submitting a direct application or through the nationwide university entrance examination at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in various engineering and management majors.



Iran Economy House

Home Iranian economy, in his vision of an institution to organize an effective and trusted managers and pioneer for the development of economic, trade, industry, services, mining and agriculture in the national economy will be a constructive and effective interaction. Established the first economic prospects for Iran is at the heart of Iran's economy has been the home and inspiration will be involved in the organization.



Organization for International Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran

The OIETAI was founded in June 1975 to conduct and perform a host of activities which, before its establishment, were delegated to different government agencies. The activities mandated to the OIETAI have all an external nature with global international affairs. It ranges from investment to financing as well as from bilateral to regional and international relations.he Organization is legally empowered to represent the central investment promotion authority of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran by providing legal protection and full security to foreign investments by way of facilitating the flow of capital into the country under the new Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) ratified in May 2002.




The Asan Pardakht Persian branded by (AP) inaugurated its activity since 2009 in field of electronic payment card systems then developed its activity in selling mobile recharge, air time and bill payment services. The AP is one of the initial 12 electronic payment service provider (PSP) in IRAN and owner of main part of market share. AP is the greatest and most developed provider as Air time, Top up and recharge for cellular phone. The Company aims to expand and facilitate electronic payment services and also designed to include a wider range of electronic payment. The company is under the supervision of the central bank of Iran, licensed in the field of electronic payments in the context of point of sales (POS), mobile (USSD) and the Internet (IPG) has achieved.



Daliran Pars Investment Group operates under the supervision of Securities & Exchange Organization of Iran and provides investment advisory services to maximize the profit for the stockholders.



Iran Solar Company has been established with the purpose of enhancing and expanding information and communication technology in Iran. Iran Solar is currently operating under SAP license and with 8 years of successful experiences, has positioned itself in the market of providing satellite communication services.



Mica Kish Co. is the Kish Island-Iran based general construction firm. Company was founded in 2003. Since then, it has actively entered both in the development and the construction industry as a Residential, Recreational, Administrative and commercial builder. Considering the Kish Island’s potential and natural attractions for tourism, Mica Kish takes a different approach to managing its construction projects. Mica Kish Construction Company has spent many years building an effective team of architects, engineers and sub-contractors. By using the vast expertise on the majority of its projects, Mica Kish is able to build in a more cost-efficient manner, while keeping the level of quality high and minimizing the building time period of each project.



This group is established with the aim of defining policies and strategies in a way that sustainably develops Mokran coastal strip and maximizes the use of this region’s capacities and capabilities, aligned with the broader regional policies.
The goals of this taskforce include:
To make coordination and synergy among different national and regional entities in order to sustainably develop the coastal area, aligned with the broader policies of Islamic Republic of Iran
To facilitate and integrate related entities in sustainable development of Mokran
To oversee and appraise Mokran’s sustainable development programs


NOVIN Hi-Tech Solutions Co.

For better and effective compliance of country's banking system with global modern banking standards, Hi-Tech Solutions (PJS company) commenced its activities by concentrating on expanding activities based on information and communication in banking system service since 2008. Hi-Tech Solutions (PJS company) makes attempts to develop its customer's' business as its commercial partners by applying global standards through developing information technology in organizations, public and private institutes and organizations, and by concentrating on banking solutions. Novin precious experience in the field of comprehensive banking solutions, IT management systems and software production technology has smoothed their development route.



Sakht Ajand is a real estate investment company formed in early 1996 with the goal of creating investment trusts for development of residential and commercial properties in Iran and the neighboring countries (MENA).The strength of the company is derived from the credibility of its Board of Directors, executive officers and major shareholders, who are amongst the most prestigious investment companies, architectural and engineering consulting firms, construction companies and manufacturers of building materials.



Investment & Collaborative Projects Management Organization affiliated to Shiraz Municipality operates in the fields of investing and investment attraction with regard of urban development planning. This organization provides different services such as: offering investment packages for collaborative projects; strategic studies regards investment in Shiraz and preparing investment proposals; and cooperating with municipalities with the aim of preparation for collaborative project.



ANAS S.p.A. (formerly an acronym for Azienda Nazionale Autonoma delle Strade, English: National Autonomous Roads Corporation) is an Italian government-owned company deputed to the construction and maintenance of Italian motorways and state highways under the control of Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.


Tose'e Ta'avon Bank

Tose`e Ta`avon Bank (Cooperative Development Bank) was incorporated with an initial capital of Rls. 5,000 billion. The most important activities of the bank can be categorized into three kinds detailed as follows: a. Monetary and Banking Operations Opening and keeping kinds of accounts in Rial and foreign currencies, money transfer, performing FX transactions,opening and advising documentary credits, issuing L/Cs and kinds of checks, issuing any kind of guaranties and bonds, accepting agency for issuance of participation bonds, subscribing and all the related operations, granting kinds of credits and facilities, mobilizing financial resources and credits in Rial and foreign currencies, acquiring agency for managed funds and technical and credit aids, opening sight and term accounts with other banks in its own name, granting Qarz-ol- hassanah loans using the allotted 30resources, receiving profit subsidies of the granted facilities, and performing other kinds of banking operations and commercial transactions authorized by the banking laws and regulations. b. Specialized and Developmental Goals for Cooperative Sector Application of banking facilities in line with promotion and improvement of the cooperative sector’s portion in the national economy, attraction of Government’s aids to provide financial support and credit line for expansion of communications and information technology in cooperative sector, participation in creation of financial, technical and legal bodies required by the cooperative sector, presenting products and services in the housing and construction sector giving priority to cooperative sector, receiving exgratia contributions from government or other organizations. c. Participation and Investments Selling and buying stock, establishing depository funds and accepting deposits, presenting cash management services, presenting business plan services, presenting brokerage services, participation bonds, performing transactions of gold and silver, creating and keeping agency relations with banks and financial and credit institutions,creating and expanding banking network, clearing in customs, participating and contributing in expansion of money and capital markets, participating in establishment of cooperative companies, public joint stock companies and specialized parental companies.


Sarmayeh Bank

Sarmayeh is a leading privately owned bank based in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Since launch in December 2005, Sarmayeh has extended its financial services to embrace a full portfolio of retail, electronic and international banking solutions. With 64 branches in Tehran and 89 across other cities in the country, Sarmayeh’s nationwide presence enables it to effectively meet the diverse financial needs of its retail customers and corporate clients. Through these market-leading services, Sarmayeh seeks to enhance the financial strength of its retail customers, corporate clients and investors.


Tejarat Bank

Tejarat Bank has determined the following strategies at different levels to realize its major objectives:
Diversifying Bank’s services and introducing modern financial and banking tools
Improving Bank’s investment and partnership portfolio
Improving and developing human resources appropriate to Bank’s structure and strategies
Optimizing the branches network and increasing agility in the staff and operational activities
Implementing and strengthening the integrated system of marketing and public relations
Developing Bank’s information and communication technology
Improving the quality of legal, controlling and surveillance activities
Establishing the universal banking
Strengthening the credit system
Improving the recovery of non-performing loans


Bank Melli Iran

As a long time regulator of the relations between Iranian and foreign banks, Bank Melli Iran is a widely recognized name in the world’s money and banking|community. Due to its prominent position within the Iranian banking system and the strength of its international branch network, Bank Melli Iran is responsible for handling a sizeable share of the government’s foreign currency payments and for providing quality foreign exchange payments services to industrialists and entrepreneurs through its domestic and international branch offices. The branches of Bank Melli Iran dealing in foreign exchange transactions will be ready to address the requirements of both exporters and importers in line with the country’s foreign exchange policies and on the basis of the guidelines issued by Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The bank takes pride in providing high quality foreign exchange and payments services to international industrial, commercial and banking institutions throughout the world and highly values their custom.



BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd is an ISO 9001: 2000 accredited infrastructure development company pioneers in execution of Road Projects, Irrigation projects and recently diversified into Real estate and Hydro Power plants. BSCPL have executed several prestigious projects across India and abroad including Afghanistan & Bangladesh, sometimes under adverse conditions. The experienced and visionary team of promoters, high degree of mechanization with skills in the state of the art technology, professionally qualified and experienced project managers and strong and stable workforce who can execute projects under adverse conditions, the ability to forge partnerships wisely and the practice of executing projects on their own has enabled BSCPL to emerge as a strong partner in the process of building the lifelines of nations. The awarding of grade CR2+ by ICRA indicating strong capacity to execute projects up to Rs. 350 crores in a year.


Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats

Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd (ICT), an ISO-9001:2008 Certified Company, is a leading international Consulting Organisation specialised in Highways, Structures, Airports, Urban and Regional Infrastructure Development, Water Supply, Water Resources Development and Management, Traffic and Transportation, Ports, Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building, and Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact Assessment.



Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. is one of the largest highway developers in the country with an impressive portfolio of over 28 PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects. We are present across nine states in the country executing several prestigious projects for National and State Governments. The company is also active in Power Transmission & Distribution sector with various power projects in Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Tamil Nadu & Bihar.





Arjan Capital is an investment and advisory firm, providing a unique mixture of investment banking, industrial and legal solutions to global investors contemplating entering the multi-sector market of Iran.Arjan’s main practice areas include Industrial (with the purpose of Identifying and introducing viable projects to global firms); Financial (with the purpose of closing transactions via “liquidity events”); Compliance & Due Diligence (with the purpose of ensuring compliance with global sanctions regimes and avoidance of adverse impact on reputation and operations); Legal Support (with the purpose of providing advice on optimal legal & tax structure); and Project Support (with the purpose of providing on-going support throughout a transaction’s lifecycle).




Naseba offers business facilitation expertise in growth markets.Naseba brings exposure to the right knowledge, the right people, and the right opportunities. Naseba supports companies with educating their workforce, entering new markets, raising capital, securing partners and closing sales.Their services include investor introduction, industry meetings, leadership forums and professional training.Since inception in 2002, Naseba has connected over 80,000 executives globally through more than 700 proprietary business platforms.


novin Pendar


Novin Pendar Generative Business Management Group is established to help megaprojects find best economical solutions and financing methods for their business. Novin Pendar believes its mission to be helping from the very first design of a project, during the completion of the project, and to provide support after the project is completed. Megaprojects require financing, performing accurate scientific consultations, splitting projects into modules, and providing practical solutions. According to their cumulative knowledge and experience, the experts in Novin Pendar have the ability to provide financial and operational solutions for all these cases and support urban megaprojects from beginning to the end.




Shahrig is an engineering company that provides specialized and technical services based on planning, counseling, designing, monitoring, executing, training and maintenance. Shahrig is interested in investing in the fields of architecture; planning and urban design; civil projects; mechanical and electrical installations; water and wastewater; project management, planning and control services; economical and investment services; transportation; environmental resources; tourism and cultural heritage; and social and cultural services.


Media Partners

business The Business Year (TBY) is a leading research firm and publisher of annual economic resources on national economies. Present in over 25 countries, TBY provides first-hand access to the people and ideas shaping business and policy throughout the world. Each country-specific edition contains a comprehensive range of interviews and analysis, offering an inside look at doing business in the world’s most dynamic economies. TBY’s interviewees, readers, and partners comprise an international network of thought-leaders who are helping to define the future of the global economy.
Financial Tribune was the first English language newspaper in Iran. Financial Tribune’s License Holder is “Donyaye Eghtesad Taban Co.
The paper currently has two economic writers who cover topics such as the equity market (e.g. Tehran Stock Exchange or Iran Fara Bourse) and the Iran Mercantile Exchange.








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