Iran has the second largest economy in the MENA region, a population of more than 80 million, a large diversified market, which has been left unexplored this leaves Iran with numerous investing, and business opportunities open to mutual business relations.

Kish Island is a free trade and special economic zone and needs no entry visa at arrival, which facilitates the participation of international companies in the event. Kish provides this opportunity for managers, experts, and investors to meet in a professional environment. Kish Island is the welcoming host to this event every year during late October or November. Kish Island is located on the Persian Gulf. New York Times ranked Kish among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands in 2010. Pristine nature and mesmerizing sceneries have turned this island into the most visited destination in southwest Asia.

KishINVEX as one of the most economically influential events mainly concentrates on presenting Iran’s investment and business opportunities and providing attendees with professional networks to expand their business in the untapped market of Iran. ​KishINVEX is providing this opportunity for participants and business companies to introduce their numerous investment opportunities, hosted by Kish Free Zone Organization. It is a great opportunity to start a mutual business relation and invest in one of the most diversified markets in the MENA region. Many high-ranking managers, CEOs and authorities of different private and governmental organizations will be present in a professional environment away from the bureaucratic atmosphere; ready to meet in exhibitions, conferences, summits and focused B2B meetings with no limitations. Kish International Convention and Exhibition Center will be hosting KishINVEX during the event time. The event mainly aims at introducing investment opportunities in Iran and provides the attendees with incredible networking opportunities not comparable to other similar events in Iran. By attending KishINVEX you will have the opportunity to get a better understating of the business environment in Iran and you can grant the advantage of meeting the highest-ranking Iranian officials and decision makers as well as the most successful private and public Iranian companies who will present and exhibit their capabilities during the days of the event. KishINVEX embraces various areas of Iran's economy including: 

  • Capital Market, Finance, Banking and Insurance;
  • Logistics and Transportation;
  • Construction and Infrastructure;
  • Hospitality and Tourism;
  • Energy (Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals);
  • Trade-Industrial Free Zones.


KishINVEX 2018 was visited by more than 13,000 people from Iran and 30 other countries all around the world. More than 380 domestic and 70 foreign companies and organizations participated in the exhibition and 29 professional summits and conferences were conducted.


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