About Kish Island

Kish at a glance:


With an area about 91 Km, Kish Island is located in 18 Km of south part of Iran and in north part of Persian Gulf. It appears to be in the form of an oval with the big diameter of 15 Km and small diameter of 8 Km and it falls in the area of Hormozgan province and Bandar Lengeh city in terms of state political and administrative divisions.

Some geographical features of Kish such as being located in Persian Gulf strategic geographical zone, fine climate in 8 months of year and having coral beaches have provided this island with a so unique situation in terms of tourism and trade.  Due to its free trade zone status it is touted as a consumer's paradise, with numerous malls, shopping centres, tourist attractions, and resort hotels. It has an estimated population of 26,000 residents and about 1 million people visit the island annually.

Kish Island was ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands by The New York Times in 2010, and is the fourth most visited vacation destination in Southwest Asia after Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Sharm el-Sheikh. Foreign nationals wishing to enter Kish Free Zone from legal ports are not required to obtain visas prior to travel.




Unique advantages of Kish free zone

Tourism enormous attractions

Access to world free waters

No need to visa for foreign visitors

Strategic situation and closeness to Asalooyeh oil zones

Energy resources (gas fuel) independent from the main land

Independent air lines and shipping lines with ability to carry vehicles

High level of social security and peace and low rate of social disorders

Appropriate intercity transportation facilities

Relative control of environmental pollutants

Access and closeness to international ports and cities like Dubai, Sharjeh, Manama and Doha 




Advantages and infrastructures of economic activity in Kish free zone

 20-year tax exemption for any kind of activity

Legal guaranty and support for foreign investment

Company registration with 100% foreign ownership

Activity of foreign stock exchange and product, oil and petrochemicals exchange

Exemption from customs duties for importing raw materials and industrial machinery for manufacturing units

Simple formalities for re-exports and product transit

Product transit to the countries of Middle Asia and neighboring countries with a population over 400 million

Hosting vessels with capacity of 12000 tons presently and 35000 tons in the future

Exporting products abroad without customs and port duties

Low commercial interest for importing products to the country through Kish Island by 15%

Independent customs in the free zones in the point connecting to the international markets

Free entering and exiting for capital principal and interest.

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