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IPO to Accelerate ‘Real’ Privatization

Date: 3rd September 2018

The number of public enterprises listed for privatization in the current year (March 2018-19) has doubled compared to the last year. “All public entities privatized since last year have been ceded to the “real” private sector”, says Jafar Sobhani, an advisor to IPO (more…)

Iran’s Crypto Blueprint on Track

Date: 28th August 2018

The Iranian cryptocurrency has been designed using the Hyperledger Fabric platform
Informatics Services Corporation, the principal entity in charge of designing Iran's national cryptocurrency, has announced new details about the nascent currency's blueprint. (more…)

Renewable Energy Capacity Set to Exceed 1 Gigawatt

Date: 27th August 2018

Iran’s total installed capacity of renewable energy production will surpass 1,000 megawatts, or 1 gigawatt, by the end of the current fiscal (March 2019), said the managing director of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization, a state-owned entity also known as SATBA. (more…)

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