Chabahar Absorbs Investment

Iran and Oman’s 17th summit of economic cooperation was held in Muscat.

ISNA reports that Trade Ministers of Iran and Oman and the chairman of Chabahar free zone attended this summit.

Oman will be investing in Chabahar Free zone to expand the economy and industry cooperation between Oman and Iran.

This summit resulted in a mutual agreement regarding establishing a new quarantine zone for livestock in Chabahar. “Chabahar is going to provide the needs of Oman in Pastoralism.” Stated Mr. Shariatmadari.

Chabahar free zone CEO added, “Oman’s Trade-Investment committee will soon travel to Chabahar to Initialize the plans that were discussed in this summit.”

Investing in Chabahar will provide a great route for Oman to provide their food and needs of agriculture and livestock from Iran. It is also a great opportunity in Chabahar to advance their facilities and equipment and would attract attention for future investments.

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