EU favors expansion of mutual ties with Iran

Yazd, Aug 12, – Austrian Ambassador to Iran Stefan Scholz says the will of his country and the European Union is based on promoting bilateral relation with Iran, noting that the aim of his visits to major Iranian provinces was to continue bilateral cooperation.

Speaking at a meeting of the Islamic Council of Yazd, Scholz termed as unique the relationship between Iran and Austria which he said dated back to 700 years ago.

There are only few European countries to have such long lasting ties with Iran as Austria does, the ambassador said, adding that what has preserved the foundation of Tehran-Vienna ties is mutual respect and trust.

Admitting that conditions have worsened in the wake of US exist from 2015 Iran nuclear deal with world powers, he said efforts were underway to find solutions and opportunities to keep alive channels for financial transmissions and continuation of oil sales.

Scholz said the European Union has recently approved a law to prevent European companies from incurring any losses by US sanctions due to their cooperation with Iran which was supported by 28 European states.

He also hailed Iranian women's important role in the development of their country and said it was interesting that the number of female graduates in majority of academic fields is more than that of male graduates.

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