Dariush Grand Hotel


Grand Hotel of Kish Dariush truly is a symbol of culture and ancient history of great Iran. This five-star beautiful and modern hotel as a historical symbol of Iran with its unique architect has manifested the magnificence of Iranian culture and civilization.This hotel inspired by Persepolis, symbolically manifests pride and honor of ancient Iran and Persian Empire in Achaemenian period.Dariush Grand Hotel with more than 200 rooms and suits, enjoys a fine Kish Island location that can't be beaten. This hotel offers a lot of facilities you can enjoy during your accommodation, such as swimming pool, tennis hall, gym, massage parlor, coffe shop, net café, restaurant and etc.




Marina Park Hotel


Marina Park Hotel is one of the luxurious 5 star hotels in the beautiful island of Kish next to the Twin Towers. This hotel has the largest green space in the island. You can come out of your room and watch the pleasant atmosphere of the hotel, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the hotel for hours, enjoys lakes of the Park Hotel, walk to the sea and arrive the Marina Hotel where specific recreational port of the hotel is located. Maybe you want to bike around the hotel, it is also possible for you! Pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and fitness center of the hotel are among other facilities of that can help you to relax and refresh.  Moreover, if you required massage, there are various models of Thai massagers at the hotel to provide you with moments of relaxation.

If you like diving, jet skiing or marine sports; it is enough to walk a few steps to enjoy these facilities. Most new cars in the world are among other facilities on this hotel in the car renting center. You can rent one of these cars in order to drive in the roads around the beautiful Kish Island. Marina Park Hotels located in the best place in Kish Island, is the only Marina Park of Iran! This hotel, in a space of 10 acres of green space and vegetation with a variety of unique waterfalls and fountains, is one of the best hotels of Iran for a pleasant accommodation.





Sorinet Maryam Hotel


Sorinet Maryam Hotel is reconstructed as a five-star hotel and is now ready to host the guests in Kish Island.Sorinet Maryam Hotel is designed in four floors with European architecture style of Brook and consists of 56 rooms and suit. Closeness to the bazaars is one of the features of this hotel. This hotel is located in an area of 7 thousand meters close to Amir Kabir Square, which is one the main squares of Kish Island. Furthermore, it is close to the coast and recreational jetty of Kish as well as main shopping centers such as Morvarid markets, Pardis 1 & 2, trade center, hypermarkets, etc. Therefore, it is a suitable place for accommodation in the beautiful island of Kish




Toranj Hotel 


The Toranj Marine Hotel is located in the northwest of Kish Island (Persian Gulf, Iran). The complex comprises of two segments, namely water villas and onshore hotel.

The water villas are linked via a wooden jetty and designed in the form of Paisley, an Iranian national symbol. The water villas have a dedicated private balcony and include 100 suites of 40 m2 (classic suites), 60 m2 (royal suites), and 120 m2 (Imperial suites) with the capacity of 2, 4 and 6 persons, respectively. Through a glass floor, each suite has a direct seafloor view.The Toranj Marine Hotel offers you an exceptional experience of being close to nature and water. It lifts up the spirit; it gives you a sense of indescribable calmness and peace.

The unique and special geographical location of Toranj Marine Hotel offers scenery with extraordinary beauty, including sunrise and sunset, tremendous view of the sea, waves, coral, green spaces, beach, etc. To attract migrating birds and the preservation of natural ecosystems, two artificial islands are constructed.




Parmis Hotel 


International five-star hotel of Kish Parmis located in one of the best districts of Kish, sea-facing and easy access to the recreational and shopping centers, is one of the best choices for accommodation in Kish Island. This hotel in Pardis Square facing Pardis Bazaar is ready to provide a good and memorable trip for you.The facilities of this hotel include different restaurants, pool, Jacuzzi, massage hall, billiard hall, computer games, coffee net, etc.Furthermore, by reservation of Kish Parmis Hotel, dear guests can rent the world’s best cars daily.


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