Invest in New Towns of Iran

On February 18th, Baharan Tadbir Kish Co. has organized the first Conference on Presenting Iran New Town’s Investment Opportunities in Hashtgerd, Alborz Province.

Align with the policies and plans of the Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran in paving the roads for partnership and private sector investments to develop Iran’s new towns, illuminate the relations and atmosphere of activities in new towns development and also define the correct place and felicitous role of new towns development actor; Hashtgerd New Town Development Co. with the cooperation of New Towns Development Company, Alborz Province Governate, Hashtgerd New Town Municipality, Iranian Syndicate of Construction Companies, Iran Constructional Contractors Association, Iranian Institutional Investors Association has considered organizing “Conference on Investment in Hashtgerd New Town: Evolution of Contracting to Partnership” to develop and present investment opportunities in Hashtgerd new town following Public Private Participation (PPP) model.

Baharan Tadbir Kish Co. as the organizer of International events focused on Iran’s capital market played the role of coordinator at this conference.

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