2016 Invex Review



List of the Exhibitors:

Company Name

"Iranian Venture Capital Association-Hi-tech Development fund-Pasargad Financial Group Venture Capital-Samen Research & Technology"

Mehravin Commercial Group

Red Crescent Society


Pars Drilling Fluids


Leo Games

Idea Parvar Hooshmand (Pheebs)




Abmoojan group

AVA communication Industries Co.


Iranian hamgam kish

Homa pasargad energy

Omid Investment Bank

Kohan Choob Kish

Omid Insurance

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts

and Tourism Organization

Parstin mehr kish

Arman venture capital fund-Arman Ati Investment Advisory

Qeshm Free Zone

Iran marin fund

Maku Free zone Organization

Ports Maritime Org.

Hormozgan Investment Services Center

Mellat Insurance Co.


Donyaye eghtesad

Anzali Free Zone Organization

Islamic Cooperation Bank for Investment


Pars Special Economic Energy Zone Org.

"Shiraz Municipality Investment Organization – Marketing and Sales Management Department of Shiraz Municipality"

"Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran – Tehran Stock Exchange – Iran Fara Bours – Iran Mercantile Exchange – Central Securities Depository of Iran – Securities & Exchange Brokers Association Co – Iranian institutional Investors Association – SEO Information Dissemination & services"

Development & management of kish Free Zone Organization ports & airports

Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology

Iran National Techmart Center


Qazvin Islamic azad university

Development Company of Sadra New Town

tissue regeneration corporation

Danesh Pajoohesh Fajr

Armani Royal Technology Kish

Simorgh Investment Group

Sina Bank

Investment Services Center of Tehran Province

"Bazar Emrooz Weekly – Asre Bazar – Asre Etebar – Namayeshgah Monthly/ Asre Namayeshgah"

Iranian Association of Islamic Finance

kish native Anthropology House

Sarakhs Special Economic Zone – Khorasan Razavi Investment Services Center –Mashhad Municipality-Khorasan Razavi Industrial Complexes

Khane Sarmaye

Cooperative Investment Guarantee Fund

"Export Development Bank of Iran – Export Development Exchange Co. – Tosee Saderat Bank Brokerage Co."

Arman investment bank

Investment and Public partnership Organization of Municipality of Tehran (IPPOT)

World of Investment Mounthly

Golgohar mining and industrial company

Bank Sepah

Iran – Venezuela BI-National Bank

Parsian Lotus Investment Bank

Parsian Insurance co.

Chadormalu mining and Industrial Company (Public Joint Stock)

Asia Insurance Co.

Company Name

"Investment Committee – Tuka Holding Co. Animal Feeds & Dairy Products Kimia Vahdat Spadan Co. – Industrial Complexes of Isfahan Province – Cooperative Organization of Isfahan Province – Pishro Diesel Asia – Baghbadoran Municipality – Sadeh Lenjan Municipality-Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport – Isfahan Water & Wasewater Company – Isfahan Healthcare City – Isfahan City Center – Isfahan Province International Exhibition – General Office of Economic Affairs and Finance & Center for Investment Services of Isfahan Province – Kashan chamber of commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture"

"Tose'e Ta'avon Bank -Tose'e Ta'avon Service and support Co. – SAMAT – Tose'e Ta'avon Exchange company Board of member – Tose'e Ta'avon Financial Group – Tose'e Ta'avon leasing "

"Daliran Pars Investment Group -Daliran Pars Investment Organization- Sakht Ajand – Foulad mabna brokerage"

Hi-Tech Solutions Co. – Iransolar – Asan Pardakht Persian Sarmaye Bank -Sarmayeh Exchange Co-Sarmayeh Building Development -Tejarat Electronic Sarmayeh- Saye Gostar Sarmaye- Teachers Investment fund -Farhangian Investment Company- Toseh Tejarat Sarmayeh Paydar Qeshm – Moallem Insurance

MA Insurance Company

COM Pars Mica Kish

North Khorasan Cultural HerItage ,Handicrafts- &TouriSm Organization

Ilam Cultural Heritage Handicrafts &Tourism Organization

Mobin Khalij Fars Kish

University of Applied Science and Technology

Iran Investors Group


Nikan Capital Market Media

Shakhes Pajouh Reaserch Institution

Sarmayeh Gozari Weekly

Payam Kish


Association of Banking & Credit Investment Consultants

Sarzamin Pooya the Weekly News

Charity Foundation for special Diseases

General Office of Economic Affairs and Finance of Lorestan Province

ITF Investment consultant P.H. Co.

NEXA group

Mazandaran Foreign Investment Center

KhatoSafhe Consulting Engineers

"Milad-e-Shahr Investment and Financial Management Group – Sepehr Afagh Omid Official Insurance Brokerage company- Eqtesad Shahr Tooba Investment- Vasepary Milad Shahr"

Golden Way Business

Terrace Golestan

Training Course of SEO

Tisa kish

Pishgaman DryPort

Khouzestan Steel Co.

Mokran Development Organization – NMPC (Negin Mokran Development Petrochemical Co.)

Ganjine Atieh

Chabahar Free Trade Industrial Zone

Bank Melli Iran – sadad – Bank Melli Iran" printing & publishing – Pishgaman Pouya investment – Bank Melli Iran Brokerage Co”

Arvand Free Zone

Iranian Privatization Organization

"Kish Free zone Organization"

Karafarin Bank – Karafarin bank Brokerage Co.

Tejarat Bank

Razi Insurance Co.

ANAS International Enterprise

Ashoka Buildcon Limited


BSCPL Infrastructure Limited

Intercontinental Consultants And Technocrats

Arjan Capital

Ernst & Young Middle East



The Business Year

Tekfen Construction & Installation Co., INC

GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection Inc.

CNIM Group


Kempinski Hotels

Alliance Group Holding

Galt and Taggart




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31 st Oct. – 2nd Nov. 2016

What is the prospect of IRAN's reintegration into the world economy? Where is this last emerging market heading to? What are the opportunities and challenges? Who is in charge of structural reforms and deal facilitation solutions? Which Iranian organizations are the main decision markers to promote foreign direct investment?

These were some of the main questions that "Iran Investment and Development Summit" was trying to address. During this 2-Day professional summit, over 200 high-ranking Iranian officials, CEOs and representatives of Iranian and international companies gathered around to discuss the current and future economic conditions and investment facilitation procedures in Iran. 

The main subjects covered in the 9 panels of the summit, included: Energy (Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals); Finance, Banking and Insurance; Construction and Infrastructure; Hospitality and Tourism; and Iran Free Trade Zones.


Iran’s Future Investment and Development

Ali FarahBakhsh
Scientific Chairman
Peyman Ghorbani
Vice Governor for Economic Affairs at Central Bank of Iran
Mehdi Jahangiri
CEO at Tourism Financial Group
Masoud Khansari
Head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce


CAPITAL MARKET PANEL: The Growing Role of Capital Market in Current Economic Situation of Iran

Ghasem Mohseni

Member of Securities and Exchange High Council

Ali Hoseini

CEO at Energy Exchange

Hassan Ghalibaf Asl

CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange

Hossein Fahimi

Chairman of the Board of the Directors of CDS

Mehdi Khosravi

Journalist (Moderator)


ENERGY PANEL: Oil and Gas Discussing the Strusture of Upstream Iran’s Petroleum Contracts

Haleh Akhlaghi

International Corporate Lawyer at Arjan Capital

Reza Padidar

Chairman of the Board, Society of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers (ESTESNA)

Nasrollah Ebrahimi

Advisor of Iran Petroleum Contracts Revision Committee

Mohammad Reza Tabib Zadeh Noori

Member of the Board, Association of Petroleum Industry, Engineering And Construnction Companies

Robin Mills

CEO at Qamar Energy


BANKING & FINANCE PANEL: Financial landscape and international collaboration

Peyman Ghorbani

Vice Governor for Economic Affairs at Central Bank of Iran

Parviz Aghili Kermani

CEO at Middle-East Bank

Masoud Gilani

Chief Investment Officer at CommoditEdge

Ali Teymouri Shand

CEO of Parsian Lotus Investment Bank

Amir T. Tajrishi

CEO of Indusry & Mine Investment Co.


PRIVITIZATION PANEL: The New Policies of Privitization

Ali Ashraf Abdullah Poori Hosseini

President of Iran Privatization Organization and Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs

Hassan Mohammad Tabar

Member of the Board & Deputy for Divestiture of Shares and SOEs

Farshad Fatemi

Member of Competition Commission of Iran

Hassan Khoshpour

Head of Investment Department of Insurance Industry, Former general of director of the Organization of Management & Planning


REGULATION PANEL: Understanding legal frameworks and facilitating international transactions and investment

Farshad Heidari

Deputy for Supervisory Affairs of Central Bank of Iran

Hamid Ghanbari

Research Manager, Claims and International Contracts of Central Bank of Iran

Adib Tohme

International Corporate Lawyer at Arjan Capital

Ahmad Hataam Yazdi

Former CEO at Saderat Bank

Gholamreza Panahi

Member of the board at Bank Melli


MOKRAN PANEL: A Turning Point in Future Economic Development of Iran

Mohammad Eslami

Head of Mokran Shores Development Secretriat

Mohammadreza Movaseghi Nia

CEO at Negin Mokran Development Company

Seyed Ali Tabatabaie

Coordinator of the High Council of Iranian Affairs Abroad

Abdulrahim Kordi

Head of Chabahar Free Zone Org


INFRASTRUCTURE Kish Free Zone Organization

Masoud Gilani

Chief Investment Officer at CommoditEdge

Ali Jirofti

Deputy of Economic and Investment affairs

Kish Free Zone Org

Adib Tohme

International Corporate Lawyer at Arjan Capital

Hamid Reza Shirzad

Investment Manager of Kish Free Zone Organization

Ahmad Jamali

The General Director for Foreign Investments


HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM PANEL – Sources of Hotel Financing :What does it Take to Build and Operate a World Class Hotel in Iran

Masoud Gilani

Chief Investment Officer at CommoditEdge

Christopher Hewett

Associate Director at TRI Consulting

Shahriar Alsheikh
CEO of Novin Pendar Business Consulting

Mehrdad Tavatli

CEO at Iran and International Tourism Hotels Group, IITIC

Christian Nader

Vice President-Development, Middle East & Africa



INFRASTRUCTURE: Infrastructure Financing

Ashish Kataria

Chief Operating Officer of Ashoka Buildcon LTD.

Laurent Franciosi

Business Development Manager of ANAS International Enterprise S.P.A.

Mehrdad Mozafari

Director of Iran Marine Industry Development Fund

Mehdi Khosravi


Journalist (Moderator)


VENTURE CAPITAL: Venture Capital Financing in Emerging Economies

Reza Zarnoukhi

Chairman of Iranian Venture Capital Association

Nima Amir Shekari

Director of E-Banking Department at the Monetary & Banking

Research Institute of Central Bank of Iran

Mahsa Ghorbani

Financial Advisor at Vice Presidency of Science & Technology

Hamed Sajedi

CEO of Pasargad Finacial Group Venture Capital

Ramtin Monazahian

CEO and Founder of BAMILO

Mahmoudreza Khaje Nasiri, PhD.

CEO and board member of Arman Investment Bank


INSURANCE: Challenges and Opportunities for the Insurance Industry

Amir Safari

Head of Insurance Research Center

Hadi Oyarhossein

CEO at Bime Parsian

Majid Safdari

CEO at Bime Maa

Mehdi Namanalhosseini

Director General Planning & Development Office

Younes Mazlomi

CEO at Bime Razi

Ebrahim Kardegar

CEO at Bime Asia

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