Iran Renewable Investments Will Likely Reach $4.7 Billion

Private investments in the renewable sector are projected to reach 200 trillion Rials ($4.7 billion) by the end of next fiscal year (March 20, 2020), the head of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization, also known as Satba, said.

"Satba issues three to four permits daily for building renewable power plants," Mohammad Sadeqzadeh was also quoted as saying by ILNA on Sunday. 

“For adding 5 kilowatt of renewable power capacity to the national grid, an investment of 300 million Rials (roughly $7,100) is needed, which will return 8 million Rials ($190) in monthly revenues,” he added.

As per the administration’s deals with private renewable investors, the Energy Ministry guarantees the purchase of the power plants’ output for 20 years.

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