Iran, Serbia urge development of economic cooperation

Serbia's deputy prime minister and minister of trade, tourism and telecommunications and Iran's ambassador to Belgrade have called for promotion of bilateral ties between Iran and Serbia in different areas, especially tourism and agriculture.

Rasim Ljajic and Iranian Ambassador Majid Fahimpour, during their meeting on Monday, reviewed achievements of the 14th joint economic commission held last year in Tehran, and urged holding the 15th joint commission meeting in Belgrade in December 2016. The two sides discussed cooperation in the fields of extra-territorial farming by the Iranian side and cooperation in the fields of oil seeds, as well as manufacturing of buses, train wagons and industrial cutting equipments. Banking cooperation as an important factor in development of cooperation between the two nations was among other topics of discussion between the two officials. Ljajic also described Iran's trade center due to be opened in Belgrade in the next two months, as a trade center for the whole Balkan region and southeast of Europe. Fahimpour, for his part, conveyed congratulation message of Iran's Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh to Rasim Ljajic for his re-election as deputy prime minister and minister of trade, tourism and telecommunications. He also announced that Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali is to pay a visit to Tehran soon. The two sides also agreed to cooperate on improving corn and oil seeds production, pesticides manufacturing and exchanging agricultural science academics to promote modern agricultural technologies and share experiences.

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