2017 Invex Review

Kish INVEX 2017 at a Glance


With beginning of a new chapter in Iran’s economy and in line with the government economic policies regards promoting and presenting investment opportunities of the country, Kish INVEX 2017 was successfully held in Kish Island (30th Oct. – 2nd Nov.) mainly aiming at responding to the requirements of the national economy, and to encourage and attract foreign direct investment.

Kish INVEX 2017, proudly hosted the presence of more than 280 Iranian companies, who actively exhibited their business capabilities during the exhibition. We also had the honor to host more than 70 international attendees and visitors from all over the world, including Germany, Turkey, China, United States, Iraq, India, United Kingdom, Greece, Netherlands, Lebanon, Switzerland, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Philippine, Azerbaijan, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Pakistan, etc.

The esteemed presence of the high-ranking international officials and authorities including Director-General for Policy Issues of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport; Ambassador of the Republic of Korea; Ambassador of Turkey; Manager of Korea Federation of Banks; Senior Vice President of Korea Exchange; General Manager of Korea Insurance Development Institute; Deputy Head of World Federation of Exchanges (WFE); CEO of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange; Regional Head of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE); Deputy Director of Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin); and the presence of more than 300 highest-ranking Iranian officials and decision makers, as well as organizing 24 professional summits and conferences, are among some of the most important features and achievements of Kish INVEX 2017.

List of the Exhibitors:

Company Name

Iranian Venture Capital Association

University of Tehran Research and Technology Fund

Sandogh Salamat Samen

Facilitating of Investment Bio Tech Fund

Hightech Development Fund

Tose’e Fanavari Armani Venture Capital

Export Development and Technology Exchang Fund


Pars Special Economic Energy Zone

Ports & Maritime Organization

Chabahar Port

Amirabad Port

Shahid Rajaee Port Complex

Bushehr Province Department of Port and Maritime Organization

Imam Khomeini Port

Shakhes Pajouh Research Institute

I.R.Iran National Post

Melat Insurance

Omid Insurance

Omid Investment Bank

Refah Bank

Refah Brokerage

Bank Pasargad

Pasargad Insurance

ICT Holding of Pasargad Financial Group

Middle East Mines & Mineral Industries Development Holding co. (MIDHCO)

Pasargad Energy Development Co.

Pasargad Financial Venture Capital

Pasargad Electronic Payment Co.

Nasim Salamat Pasargad

Iran Marine Fund

Maku Free Zone Organization

Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)

Garmsar Special Economic ZoneGarmsar Special Economic Zone

Jahrom Special Economic Zone

Industrial Projects Management of Iran (IPMI)

Rah Navard

IT Developmet Center

Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex Co. (ISOICO)

Pars Mica Kish

Daliran Pars Investment

Daliran Pras Investment Group

Sakht Ajand

Ravan Fan Avar Engineering and Industrial

Daliran Pars Brokerage (Foulad Mabna)

MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation)

Talashgaran San’ati Ma’dani Lamerd

Kaveh Special Economic Zone

General Office of Economic Affairs and Finance & Center for Investment Services of Isfahan

Isfehan Industry Estate Co

Isfahan Regional Electricity Co

Water and Wastewater of Isfahan Province

Khomeyni Shahr Municipality

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Isfahan

Isfahan International Exhibitions Co

Nemachin Brick

Isfahan Profile

Tarabgin Isfahan steel company


Nak Architecture

Aghajani Handicrafts

Mahd Fam Iranian

Negin Sang Kavir

Isfahan Chamber Of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture

Sarakhs Special Economic Zone

Khorasan Razavi Investment Services Center

Rasht municipality & Public Participation

Tisa Kish

Sepah Bank

Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran

Tehran Stock Exchange

Iran Energy Exchange

Iran Mercantile Exchange

Iran Fara Bours

Securities & Exchange Brokers Association Co.

Iranian Institutional Investors Association

Rayan Bourse

Iran Financial Center

Capital Market Central Asset ManagementCapital Market Central Asset Management

SEO Information Dissemination & services

Central Securities Depository of Iran

Maskan Investment Bank

Teachers Ivestment Fund

Farhangian Investment

Moallem Insurance

Moallem Housing Investment


Day Bank

Parsian Insurance Co.

Export Development Bank of Iran

Export Development Exchange Company

Lotus Parsian Investment Bank

Guilan Foreign Investment Service Center

Rasht municipality & Public Participation

Water and Waste water company of Guilan Province

Guilan Regional Electric

Gilan Industrial Estate .Co

Sistan and Baluchestan Cultural Heritage, Handicraft & Tourism Organization

Parsis Zarmehr Kish Co.

Razavi Khorasan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism

Export Guarantee Fund of Iran

Easy Communication Pars

Investment Services Center

Tehran Industrial Estates Co

Tehran Investment and Public Participation Organization

Tehran Province Office of Investment Attraction and Support

Tehran Province Chamber of Cooperative

Tehran Agricultural Jahad Organization

Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Tehran Province

Economic and Finance Affairs of Tehran Province

City and Province tax affairs of Tehran

Road and Urban Development of Tehran Province

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Tehran

Cooperatives, Work and Social Welfare of Tehran Province

Environmental protection of Tehran province

Tehran Chamber Of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture

Asia Insurance Co.

Pars Online Group

Mantra Kish Pictures International Development Investment Company

Qeshm free area

Qeshm Investment & Development Co.

Canadian International Institute for Training and Research (CIITR)

Fantail Environmental Technilogy Inc.

European Universities Association (EUA)

The Institute de recherche en biologie végétable (IRBV) and Biodiversity

Iranian Privatization Organization

Tejarat Bank

Tejarat Insurance

Simorgh Tejarat Total Soloution

Chabok Tejarat Asia

Tejarat Bank Brokerage Co.

Iranian Think Tank Co.

Kish Merchant Association

Association of Investment Consulting & Supervision


Company Name

Omid Entrepreneurship Fund

Isfahan Omran & Maskan Co.

Royal Investment Corporation

Bourse 24

Arsham Investment and Mass Production and Engineering

Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co.

Iranian Ghadir Iron & Steel Co.

Parsland Mines & Industries Development (PAMIDCO)

Arfa Iron & Steel Co.

CPG Pars International Mining & Industrial

Sarmad Abarkooh Iron and Steel

Novin Investment Bank

Novin Capital Investment Advisor

Novin Broker

Kardan Investment Bank

Saipa Diesel

Mehr Eghtesad Bank

Iran Moein Insurance

Hormozgan Investment Services Center

Aras Trade – Industrial Free Zone Organization

Chabahar Free Trade Industrial Zone

Mokran Development Organization

Mizban Leisure and Tourist Complex

Arsh Pouya

ICHTO Deputy of Investment

Mammut Industrial

Arvand Free Zone

Kowsar Insurance

Kish Free Zone Organisation

Sayan Card

Ghavamin Bank

Isfahan Steel

Jame’e Farda

New Towns Development

Pardis New Town

Parand New Town

Andisheh New Town

Hashtgerd New Town

Golbahar New Town

Binalood New Town

Sahand New Town

Amir Kabir New Town

Mohajeran New Town

Fooladshahr New Town

Baharestan New Town

Ramin New Town

ShirinShahr New Town

Sadra New Town

Alishahr New Town

Alavi New Town

Tees New Town

Majlesi New Town

Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (MRUD)

Imam Khomeini Airport City Co.

Construction & Development of Transportation Infrastructures

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Touris, Organization of Fars

Smart Invest Iran

AHK Iran

Donyaye eghtesad


Agah Brokerage Firm


Kermanshah Investment Services Center

Cooprative Municipal Organization of Chahrmahal & Bakhtiari Province

Rasa Ava Kish Advertising

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Touris, Organization of East Azarbayjan

Tadbir Sanat Iranian

Tadbir Energy Kamel

West Azerbaijan Science and Technology Park

Urmia Chamber Of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture

Investment of Urmia City Municipality

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Touris, Organization of Bushehr

Yazd Cultural Heritage, Handicraft & Tourism Organization

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of North Khorasan

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, Organization of Golestan

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of South Khorasan

Royal Holding

Extending Trades of Commerce sodagaran Fan Avazeh

Sarayan Parand handmade Productions

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, Organization of Khuzestan

Abadis Co.

Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Touris, Organization of Hormozgan

Ilam Cultural Heritage, Handicraft & Tourism Organization

Khoor-O-Biabanak Potash Complex

Iranian Association of Islamic Finance

Mani Baba

Amin Banader Iranian Insurance Broker Co.

Association of Banking & Credit Investment Consultants

Sepinud Shargh

Secretariat of IRAN 2025 International Conference

Rastak Pad Vision

Northern Khorasan Water & Waste Water Co.

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

Sana bourse

Zarbarg Tamin

Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Vice Presidency for Science and Technology

Sharif University of Technology – International Campus – Kish Island

Deputy of Research of Ahvaz Jondishapur University of Medical Sciences

Persian Darou Alborz Research and Technology Fund

Fund of Research and Technology for Medical Equipment

Zanjan University of Medical Sciences

Fund of Tehran Health Research and Technology

Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences

Hamedan University of Medical Sciences

Shiraz university of medical sciences

Mashhad university of medical sciences

Iran National Technomart

Iranian International Techmart

Simia Service

Darineh Information Technology

Gonbad Caboud Studio

Pooyanama Pardaz

Teba Bio Polymer

Kimia Sabz Avar

Pishgaman Pezeshki Pardis

Fars Ghatre Ejaz Research Co.

Morvarid Daria Food and processing Industry

Rad Safiran Ronak


Innovation and New thinking Village

Texoped Persian Kish

Zima Tose’e Parsian Kish

Sharif Solar

Noursun Energy Aria

Tajhiz Saze Salman (T.S.S)

Kish Investment and development

Arsin Taban Romak

Lian Artificial Intelligence

Aria Farmak Kish

Economic Affairs and Finance Organization of Lorestan Province

Economic Affairs and Finance Organization of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province

Economic Affairs and Finance Organization of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province

Economic Affairs and Finance Organization of South Khorasan Province

Rabin Pajoohan Fartak International Engineering Company

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Kish INVEX 2017: international summits and conferences

During Kish INVEX 2017 (30th Oct. – 2nd Nov.), 24 professional summits and conferences were organized and held by different entities including: Iran’s Security and Exchange Organization (SEO); Iran’s Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (MRUD); Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETAI); Iran’s Privatization Organization (IPO); Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO); Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran; Mokran Shores Development Organization; Secretariat of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council; Qeshm Free Zone Organization; Chabahar Free Zone Organization, Iran’s Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology; Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education; Logistics Alliance Germany (LAG); Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE); Tehran Stock Exchange; Daliran Pars Investment Group; Kowsar Insurance Company; Pasargad Bank; and many more.


Tuesday, October 31
IRAN 2025 International Conference
Discussing Investment Opportunities in the field of Movie Industries
Iran & Germany Logistic Collaborations
Wednesday, November 01
Introducing Investment Opportunities in the Fields of Road and Urban Development
Presenting Investment Opportunities of the Pasargad Financial Group
Attracting Foreign Investment: Concepts, Methods, Laws & Regulations, Incentives, Guarantees and Legal Protections
Discussing Iran-Europe Financial and Banking Cooperation
Introducing the Capabilities of IDRO in Attracting Industrial Domestic and Foreign Investment
Introducing Opportunities for Foreign Investors to Participate in the Process of Privatization of the Islamic Republic of Iran
– The Role of Sustainable Tourism in Development
– An International Model for Sustainable Economic and Social Development, with an Emphasis on Local Capacities
-The Role of Aviation Transportation in the Region
Organizational Innovation Summit with Startup Approach
How Can the Capabilities of Insurance Companies be Analyzed?
Workshop for Preparing Investment Packages
Thursday, November 02
IRAN 2025 International Conference
Presenting Methods of Financing, and Legal Guarantees & Incentives
Special Summit of Finance and Debt Securities of Tehran Stock Exchange
Presenting Investment Opportunities of Mokran Shores and Methods of Financing through Capital Markets
International Summit on Presenting Capacities and Capabilities of Iran’s Insurance Industry Related to Logistics and Transportation
Providing Foreign Financing for the Private Sector of Iran
Methods of Attracting Capital Solutions for Exporting Knowledge-based Products Along with the Introduction of
Investment Opportunities for Exporting Healthcare Products
Iran – Malaysia Trade & Business Opportunities, General Regulations and Information of Doing Business with Malaysia
International Summit on Presenting Logistical Potentials of Chabahar Port
6th Startup Demo in Kishinvex Exhibition The presentation of Several Elected Startup to Investors

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