Non-oil Export Capacities of Iran, Left Under Noticed

Iran’s non-oil exports reached more than $23 billion, registering a $1 billion positive balance during a 6-month period from March 21 to September 22, 2018.

According to the latest Iranian Customs statistics, the weight of Iranian non-oil exports reached 56.644 ton worth $23.123 billion during the 6-month period, with 13% increase comparing to the same period in last year.

During the mentioned span, the weight of Iran’s imports of commodities hit 16.220 ton worth $22.182 billion.

Gas condensate was at the top of Iran’s non- oil exports. Also, liquefied propane, methanol and low-density oils and other byproducts except for gasoline were among products and commodities that Iran exported to other countries.

On the other hand, auto parts, corn as livestock food, rice, soy bean were the main imported commodities.

China, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Afghanistan and India respectively were the main importers of Iranian’s goods.

China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Korea, India and Germany were the main exporters of commodities to Iran.

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