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Arjan Capital is an investment and advisory firm, providing a unique mixture of investment banking, industrial and legal solutions to global investors contemplating entering the multi-sector market of Iran.Arjan’s main practice areas include Industrial (with the purpose of Identifying and introducing viable projects to global firms); Financial (with the purpose of closing transactions via “liquidity events”); Compliance & Due Diligence (with the purpose of ensuring compliance with global sanctions regimes and avoidance of adverse impact on reputation and operations); Legal Support (with the purpose of providing advice on optimal legal & tax structure); and Project Support (with the purpose of providing on-going support throughout a transaction’s lifecycle).





Naseba offers business facilitation expertise in growth markets.Naseba brings exposure to the right knowledge, the right people, and the right opportunities. Naseba supports companies with educating their workforce, entering new markets, raising capital, securing partners and closing sales.Their services include investor introduction, industry meetings, leadership forums and professional training.Since inception in 2002, Naseba has connected over 80,000 executives globally through more than 700 proprietary business platforms.



novin Pendar


Novin Pendar Generative Business Management Group is established to help megaprojects find best economical solutions and financing methods for their business. Novin Pendar believes its mission to be helping from the very first design of a project, during the completion of the project, and to provide support after the project is completed. Megaprojects require financing, performing accurate scientific consultations, splitting projects into modules, and providing practical solutions. According to their cumulative knowledge and experience, the experts in Novin Pendar have the ability to provide financial and operational solutions for all these cases and support urban megaprojects from beginning to the end.





Shahrig is an engineering company that provides specialized and technical services based on planning, counseling, designing, monitoring, executing, training and maintenance. Shahrig is interested in investing in the fields of architecture; planning and urban design; civil projects; mechanical and electrical installations; water and wastewater; project management, planning and control services; economical and investment services; transportation; environmental resources; tourism and cultural heritage; and social and cultural services.



Kish Invex Secretariat:
Tehran office: 2nd Floor, No. 17, 14th St., Beyhaqi Blvd., Argentina Sq., Tehran-Iran
Tel/Fax: (+9821)88179790
Kish office: #203, 2nd Fl., Sarina 1 Complex, Khayam St., Kish Island – Iran.