The value of Iran’s Over-the-Counter market (OTC) rose 36 percent during the past Iranian calendar year, which ended on March 19, compared to its previous year.

In the past year, also the volume of trade in Iran’s OTC soared 59 percent while the number of tradable indices increased to 311 from 280.

During the last year, over 83.667 billion bonds, valued at 4.534 quadrillion rials (about $129 billion), were traded in Iran’s OTC whose value reached 9.664 quadrillion rials (about $276 billion) in this period.

The Tehran Stock Exchange's main index, TEDPIX, has soared since Jan. 16, when the sanctions were lifted after an international deal on Iran's nuclear program.

The Iranian stock market is rather well diversified compared to other markets in the region with more than 30 sectors being present on the equity market.

Some $1 billion in foreign money – equal to 5 percent of all money in frontier markets – may be directed to Iran’s stock market in 2016, according to analysts.

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