Dear clients and participants in Kish INVEX 2018,

In regards of your transportation needs, we are introducing Mehregan Kish Company, the freight forwarder of Kish Island all exhibitions.

Please find some key information about Kish Island and the strategic area for the best way to import your fair consignments.

  1. Kish Ports (Air and Sea)
  2. Kish Custom (rules, Duty and documents)
  3. Ports and Fair Facilities
  4. Kish Island import & export borders
  5. Available airlines and time tables
  6. Available shipping lines & local vessels
  7. Our forwarders
  8. Charges & handling


  1. Airport:

    Kish Island Airport with 2 different airports (Domestic & Foreign) is the third biggest airport in Iran. Kish airport cargo warehouse for foreign cargo is in Kish seaport, it means international cargo will be transported to sea port Kish custom warehouse.

    Sea port:

    Kish Free Zone custom is available at sea port; the port facilities are lift, crane, and trucks for offloading and loading and transportation.

  2. Kish Custom:

    Duty: The duty for all cargo is 3% and transportation 10% of 3% out (Note: Kish custom do not agree any ZERO value for any cargo or fairs consignment even catalogs or gifts) Documents: we need all original documents as Invoice, Packing Certificate of origin (for food stuffs we need health certificates as well) (Note: any received copy or less documents, custom will charge 4% penalty)

  3. Port Facilities: All logistic facilities

    Fair Facilities: Lift truck, crane, workers, packing and unpacking, palatalizing, warehouse

  4. Kish Island Import and Export borders: Airport and Seaport

    Airport: we have minimum 3 flights from Dubai to Kish and more than 10 flights from Tehran (Mehrabad Airport)

    Seaport: weekly service from Dubai (by local wooden boats) and from Ajman and Dubai Hamriyeh port by vessel (Landing Craft)

  5. The available airlines from Dubai

    The available airlines from Dubai is Kish airline (Flight type: MD 80) Max loading size (40x50x100) Max weight per box 30kg Note: Kish Air cannot load any pallet, if you are looking to ship your cargo by pallet, your pallets will be opened and cargo will ship without pallet in Dubai (the cartons weight and sizes must be same as above). If we could not send cargo by air to Kish, then we have to transit your cargo to Kish through sea by boat or vessel (depends on availability).  Iran Air and Mahan Air: if you are looking to send your cargo by one of these airlines please note that the final destination must be Kish Island (KIH) (Note: we are not able to take care your cargo if you mention THR as destination).

  6. The available shipping containers

    The available shipping containers is only IRISL (Iran shipping line), then if you are looking to ship your cargo directly to Kish, the best line is IRISL (IRISL only offers service from Asia and Middle East at this moment). If you are looking to ship your cargo by other shipping container lines, then we will nominate our Bandar Abbas agent address to transit the cargo. The other shipping companies from Dubai to Kish load bulk cargo only.

  7. Below is our Freight forwarding full address

    you can mention company name on your AWB or B/L s, then we transit cargo through our agent otherwise your agent has to mention our company name on any B/L or AWBs.

    Cargo Care shipping & Forwarding
    DIV. off. DC 03 & 04, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE
    Tel: 009714 8837512

  8. Charges and handling

    For charges and handling please let us know your full consignments and value to quote you.


Kish Invex Secretariat:
Tehran office: 2nd Floor, No. 17, 14th St., Beyhaqi Blvd., Argentina Sq., Tehran-Iran
Tel/Fax: (+9821)88179790
Kish office: #203, 2nd Fl., Sarina 1 Complex, Khayam St., Kish Island – Iran.