Iran, Serbia urge development of economic cooperation

Serbia's deputy prime minister and minister of trade, tourism and telecommunications and Iran's ambassador to Belgrade have called for promotion of bilateral ties between Iran and Serbia in different areas, especially tourism and agriculture.


Zarif: Iran to guarantee investments in Latin America

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced that Iran will guarantee the investment by the country’s private sector in the Latin American countries, including Nicaragua.

Financial Times: FDI in Iran soars with sanctions relief

 Economic rebound as country climbs regional FDI rankings

The withdrawal of many economic and financial sanctions in Iran has reopened the county’s economy to a stream of new investments.



U.S. Treasury Guidance Aids Iran Deal Compliance, Lawyers Say


The U.S. Treasury Department last week issued guidance on complying with the Iran nuclear deal that removes some of the risks for companies considering business there in the wake of the deal’s implementation, sanctions lawyers said.


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