B2B Meetings

KishINVEX® pre-planned B2B Meetings are conducted in a professional atmosphere away from hustles and bustles of the capital which provide the background for a better introduction of business and establishing bilateral relations. KishINVEX® provides a unique opportunity for Iranian and non-Iranian companies to gain access to the general and specialized information of Iran market. During this international event, participants are able to interact in purposefully planned meetings with other foreign or domestic parties and exchange ideas, experiences and discuss possible future cooperation. Creating this ideal platform in KishINVEX® with the presence of Iran financial market decision makers and industries has led to the formation of valuable relations, achieving maximum efficiency, providing the grounds for comprehensive economic development, prosperity inside the country and international relations of Iran industries.

You can contact us for B2B meetings with KishINVEX exhibitors and participants at info@kishinvex.com – international department or just fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.

KishINVEX B2B Meetings at a Glance