The 13th Exhibition of Iran’s Investment Opportunities and 8th International Exhibition on Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization (KishINVEX®) will be held from 29th November to 2nd December 2021.

According to the secretariat of the exhibition and specialized summit, with the establishment of the 13th government and in line with new policies and approaches announced in the coming months, the upcoming event with the participation of policy makers, stakeholders, financial market activists, capital markets and other stakeholders, is a new opportunities to review the measures taken, to draw new perspectives in the field of economic and to expand trade and economic relations of economic enterprises.

KishINVEX® as one of the largest economic events in the country with the support and extensive participation of ministries, organizations, public and private sectors’ economic activists in the leading economic sectors of the country, economic elites and domestic and foreign participants has become a place to illustrate all capabilities, capacities and macroeconomic conditions of the country, symmetry and exchange of information of economic actors and creating fertile grounds for change in the path of economic development of the country.

In the past few years, a need to increase the professional knowledge of managers and economic officials, as well as maintaining international relations has been felt in Iran’s economic situation more than before.