Kish at a Glance


With an area about 91 Km, Kish Island is located in 18 Km due south of Iran and in the northern part of Persian Gulf. It appears to be in the form of an oval with the big diameter of 15 Km and small diameter of 8 Km and it falls in the area of Hormozgan province and Bandar Lengeh city in terms of state political and administrative divisions. Kish Island has been the host of KishINVEX since the beginning of this franchise.

Air Transportation

Kish International Airport is one of the most active and economic Iranian airports and stands in the fourth rank in terms of volume of flight operations and transporting passengers. This airport provides regular flights to 19 domestic tracks including Tehran, 16 provincial centers and 2 state free and economic zones. Furthermore, some development measures are to be taken regarding increasing the number of domestic tracks. Additionally, this airport connects Kish Island to the worldwide transportation system through international tracks of Dubai, Muscat, Turkey and Iraq as well as other regional countries. It should be noted that the specialized terminal of Kish International Airport with a capacity of 4 million passengers per year will be utilized in near future.

 Marine Transportation

Kish port has warehousing and product unloading annual capacity of 3.5 million tons, admission capacity of 730000 passengers entering and exiting during a year and hosting vessels with a maximum tonnage of 12,000 tons. This capacity will be increased to 7 million tons in the future with the possibility of hosting 35000-ton vessels in future.

 Urban Transportation

Kish urban transportation system has created a wide coverage across the island by providing different roads and paths. Public transportation services are provided by three types of taxis (in yellow) with 128 vehicles, telephone taxi (in white) with 542 vehicles and (in black) also known as London Taxi with 30 vehicles totally for 700 vehicles, in addition to 79 minibuses. One of the most important infrastructural transportation projects in Kish is called ring project with the width 75 km and length of 27 Km (named as Persian Gulf Highway, going around the island) has had a large impact on developing Kish intercity transportation infrastructure

Unique Advantages of Kish Free Zone

– Numerous tourist attractions

– No need to visa for foreign visitors

– High level of social security and peace and low rate of social disorders

– Green island with the least amount of environmental pollutants

– The possibility of transit goods to central Asia and neighboring countries

– Access to world waterways

– Strategic situation and closeness to Asalooyeh oil zones

– Independent airlines and shipping lines with the ability to carry vehicles

– Appropriate intercity transportation facilities

– Energy resources (gas fuel) independent from the mainland

– An active financial system including stock exchanges, banks, and monetary and financial entities

– Local residents and cheap workforce compared to the neighboring countries

Kish Economy

Kish economy has encompassed a wide range of economic compositions in the country. Among the most important fields of Kish economy, one can find tourism services, financial and commercial services, oil support services, world class medical services, production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and electronic industries. Kish Free Zone proposes incentives for investment, including tax breaks, costume duties exemptions, simplified procedures for exports and imports and etc. which are not available on the mainland. All these makes Kish a valuable destination for the presence of investors and economic activists.

Advantages and infrastructures of economic activity in Kish free zone

  • 20-year tax exemption for any kind of activity
  • Legal guaranty and support for foreign investment
  • Company registration with 100% foreign ownership
  • The activity of stock exchange and product, oil and petrochemicals exchange
  • Exemption from customs duties for importing raw materials and industrial machinery for manufacturing units
  • Simplified protocols for re-export and goods transit
  • The possibility of transit goods to central Asia and neighboring countries with a population of more than 400 million people
  • The possibility to send produced goods on Kish Island to the mainland under the framework of added value system.
  • Exporting products abroad without customs and port duties
  • Low commercial interest for importing products to the country through Kish Island
  • Free entering and exiting for capital principal and interest with foreign origin
  • Laying the groundwork for presence and activity of knowledge-based and innovative companies in Kish Growth and Innovation Center
  • Hosting vessels with a capacity of 12000 tons currently and 35000 tons in the near future
  • Development of Kish air transport infrastructure in the near future
  • Initiation of the international stock exchange in Kish Free Zone in the near future
  • Establishing Kish Innovation Tower in the near future