KishINVEX®2020 annual report has been published


KishINVEX®2020 annual report, peculiar for the 12th Exhibition of Presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities and 7th International Exhibition on Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization, has been published in 156 pages.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 in the world and Iran and the impossibility of holding KishINVEX®2020, the event headquarters decided to prepare the forthcoming report in order to maintain communication with the KishINVEX® audience.

The comprehensive book in 7 sections includes the opinions and messages of high-ranking officials and policy makers of the country’s different economic sectors, introducing KishINVEX® event, introduction to commodity groups and macro sectors incorporating capital market, free and special zones, knowledge-based companies and their introduction to investment opportunities, Iran’s economic report in 2020 reviewing significant and reputable internal and external resources, opinions of experts and the section of participants of the event.

According to Baharan Tadbir Kish Company, the organizer of the KishINVEX® event, the approach of the book is to present a picture of Iran’s economy in 2020, which has faced difficulties such as the global Coronavirus outbreak and comprehensive sanctions.

KishINVEX 2020